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Electronic Application Submission (EAS)

Dear Applicant,

The electronic application submission (EAS) section of the website will allow you to submit an application for the International Young Scientists Awards in the Field of Oil and Gas: A Glance Into The Future. Please read the following information carefully before beginning the submission process.

Estimated time required to submit the application: 15 minutes

Acceptable electronic format: Microsoft Word (*.doc) or Adobe PDF (*.pdf) Email applications, attachments as separate documents or hard copies submitted after the specified deadline will not be accepted.

Proposal Submission Process includes registration (entering information about an applicant and a proposal) and file upload.

Before Submitting an Application:

  • Verify that the proposal meets all specified requirements in the RFA and includes all required information.
  • Be prepared to enter the following information: complete mailing address, name of your institution or company, project title and research area / nomination category.
  • All application materials must be prepared in English and assembled into a SINGLE electronic file in one of the following formats – Microsoft Word (*.doc) or Adobe PDF (*.pdf).
  • We recommend that you have a copy of your application available before beginning this session.

Submission Process:

  • The application must be submitted entirely in one session. Individual parts of the application cannot be submitted at different times, nor saved for continuation at a later time.
  • If you exit the EAS without submitting your application, you will need to enter all information from the beginning of the application.

After Submitting an Application:

  • Applications may not be edited after submission.
  • Once an application has been electronically submitted to GIFAwards, the PI will receive an email message confirming receipt of the submission.
  • The proposal will then be forwarded to review for completeness and eligibility. If there is any problem, an application is incomplete or ineligible, GIFAwards will contact the PI promptly. Otherwise, GIFAwards will send the PI notice by email that the application has been accepted into the competition.

Note: If you have submitted your application and have not received a confirmation email from us within an hour, please check to make sure that your email account settings allow emails from and make sure that you have clicked the button to “Submit”. Once you have made sure that you have actually submitted your application and still have no confirmation, please send us an email and let us know when you submitted your application and how, so that we may consult our records accordingly.

Additional information and support: +7 495 240-54-57, ext. 124 |