Science, Technology,
and Innovation

Paper Publications in Gas Industry Journal:

Special Issue # 1, 2022:

  • А.S. Bochkov, Е.S. Panfilova, Е.S. Bogdanovich, I.L. Orlova, О.N. Marenova, В.А. Legkokonets, А.V. Sizykh, В.В. Zhujov “Digitalization of the Technological Managment System.”
  • А.V. Penigin, N.G. Glavnov, М.V. Zvada, Е.I. Sergeev “Adaptation of Miscible Flooding EOR Technology to an Oil Rim Reservoir.”
  • B.G. Saneev, S.P. Popov, D.V. Maksakova “The Perspectives of Developing Gas Transportation System in Mongolia: Methodology and Results.”

Special Issue # 1, 2022:

  • D.Yu. Lenev, S.А. Zakhzrov, G.S. Smirnov, N.D. Kondratyuk, V.V. Pisarev “The Perspectives of Atomistic Modelling in the Oil and Gas Industry.”