• May a researcher working in the government agency apply?

    Any scientist engaged in research work in any institution, including academic, industry or government anywhere in the world is eligible for the Award.

  • Can my research team consist of scientists from different institutions?

    Yes, the team can include scientists from different institutions, and even different countries. However, one applicant must serve as the principal investigator (PI) – will submit a proposal, and receive and an award (if proposal is selected) on behalf of the team.

  • My proposal does not fit any of the subtopics named in the RFP.

    Each proposal must fit one of the GIFAwards research areas /nomination categories listed in the RFP. We will consider proposals on subtopics that are not listed under the research areas.

  • Do I have to submit a hard copy of my proposal?

    No, you are not required to submit a hard copy. All proposals must by submitted electronically through the GIFAwards website.

  • What if I fail to submit my proposal electronically?

    It is recommended not to wait until the last minute to submit your proposal, as the possibility of encountering technical problems can never be fully ruled out. If you have any difficulties uploading your proposal, please contact our staff at info@gifaward.com.