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The Fifth Jubilee International Young Scientists Awards in the Field of Oil and Gas: A Glance Into the Future

This competition was established by the International Business Congress (IBC) and Gas Industry Journal (founder – Gazprom PJSC) in 2018 and is held annually

The International Business Congress (IBC)


is an international non-for-profit organization that comprises 111 companies and organizations from 23 countries.



The IBC promotes economic cooperation and development and a sustained dialogue across the borders between different cultures and mentalities. The IBC operates through the Committees. The Young Scientists Awards were established as part of the Committee “Modern Technologies and Prospective Oil and Gas Industry Projects” headed by Vitaly A. Markelov, Deputy Chairman of the Management Committee, Member of the Board of Directors, Gazprom PJSC. This Committee provides a platform for oil and gas companies, equipment manufacturers and industry experts to network, share their experiences and best practices and collaborate on current and prospective national and transnational projects. It also organizes and holds annual Young Scientists Awards. More information about the IBC, and the Committee can be found on the IBC website.

Gas Industry Journal (founder – Gazprom PJSC),

first published in 1956 is the leading monthly journal of oil & gas science and technology in Russia.



The journal promotes cutting-edge technology and basic and applied research in the field of oil and gas. The journal’s target audience includes top managers and specialists of Russian and foreign companies, staff from research institutes and centers, oil and gas experts and officials from relevant ministries and government agencies. The journal delivers oil and gas industry news, publishes high-quality research and reviews and collaborates with the academic and business communities. More information can be found on the Gas Industry Journal website.





The primary goals of the competition are to:

  • Identify and promote cutting-edge technologies and innovation for the oil and gas industry.
  • Support and encourage young researchers.
  • Promote international scientific and technical collaboration.

To date, four competitions have been successfully held with the participation of a total of 456 young scientists and 160 scientific experts from 29 countries. 37 winners received certificates of achievement, prizes and awards, including unrestricted funds, research promotion and internships at leading Russian and foreign oil and gas companies, all-paid trips to forums and conferences and a complementary publication in and a one year subscription to Gas Industry journal.

The Awards Ceremony is traditionally organized and held as part of the St. Petersburg International Gas Forum (SPIGF.) All winners are invited to attend the ceremony and participate in all SPIGF open activities and events.